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This site is dedicated to make my research, software and publications easily accessible. The majority of my research is set at the intersection between big data, machine learning and medical imaging data with the ultimate goal of improving outcome prediction in various diseases, such as stroke. To do so, I aim to unravel the complex relationships between what we can see on images and the clinical presentation.

Currently, I am based at the J. Philip Kistler Stroke Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, as part of the Rost Lab, where we (among other things) investigate the genetic underpinnings of small-vessel disease phenotypes, such as white matter hyperintensity. To that extent we developed a fully automated pipeline as part of the MRI-GENIE study to automatically quantify white matter disease in over 2500 patients. In 2017 I was honored to receive the Marie-Curie Global-Fellowship by the European Union, which supports me in my endeavors to bring methodological advances directly to the clinic.